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mekong river cruises
mekong river cruises
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Excursions and Activities on the Mekong River Cruise

The daily programme is centred around excursions to allow you to explore the land, people and culture of the region you are cruising through. It will provide you with a real feeling that you have visited the heart and soul of Vietnam and Cambodia, not just the major tourist attractions. You will walk through villages, meeting and mixing with the locals, take smaller boats to take you up narrow channels into the centre of village life or take cyclos through towns, villages and the countryside. There will always be guides and Pandaw crew with you to provide assistance where required. Excursions are not compulsory and you are welcome to make your own arrangements either by staying onboard or venturing off on your own. Both Vietnam and Cambodia are safe countries to travel in these days so you should have no concerns about doing your own thing. Just make sure you get back to the boat on time. It is also worth mentioning that wherever you go, whether it be onboard the vessel or on excursion, there is a never-ending supply of bottled water available.

Apart from daily excursions there are also other activities for the guests. Onboard there are talks and film presentations, documentaries on local culture and history as well as some other movies. A tour of the working ship is given as well as a visit to a local market with the chef. At least one cultural performance by a local group is provided onboard.


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