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mekong river cruises
mekong river cruises
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Pandaw Mekong River Cruise

A Pandaw Mekong River Cruise is an ideal holiday because of a number of reasons:

You only need unpack and pack once on the 8 Day/7 Night journey.
Pandaw Cruises will take you on daily shore excursions which will let you experience life in the countryside of Vietnam and Cambodia.
You can experience the comforts of a home away from home on the ship
The dining delights and diversity aboard will cater for your tastes and delight you.
There is a very high level of service with one staff member for every two guests.
An all-inclusive price which includes accommodation, meals, excursions, transfers and drinks including locally brewed alcoholic beverages.

I highly recommend this river journey to those who enjoy the adventure of exploring a foreign land at a relaxed pace whilst retaining all the comforts and luxury that a real holiday should bring. Let us assist you in indulging in this delightful river journey in conjunction with or without additional arrangements in Vietnam and Cambodia as you wish

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Pandaw River
ExpeditionsMekong River Cruise

Pandaw run expeditions on three great South-East Asian rivers: Burma, on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers and through Cambodia and Vietnam on the Mekong River.

These three great rivers traverse mountains, forests, jungles and plains. Along their banks are the vestiges of lost civilisations and vibrant contemporary societies. Any Pandaw expedition contains a stimulating mix of history, art and culture whilst exploring modern day life.

At the same time, on a Pandaw you will penetrate deep into the interiors of these little developed countries and explore a pristine eco environments unreachable by anything other than a river boat.

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